Upgrade Your Home or Business With Vinyl or Tile Floors

Upgrade Your Home or Business With Vinyl or Tile Floors

Trust our flooring contractors in Bozeman, Big Sky & Belgrade, MT to install them for you

Although tile and vinyl may appear relatively easy to install, you need a keen eye for detail to complete the job correctly. That's where the Bozeman Flooring team comes in. No matter which material we use, we'll install it properly on the first try. We can install:

  • Ceramic tile floors
  • Vinyl plank floors
  • Laminate floors
  • Vinyl composition tile floors

If you haven't selected your flooring material by the time you contact us, we'll help you explore your options and sell you the material that meets your needs. You'll have durable, polished floors that will add an element of sophistication to your property once we've finished the job.

Contact us today to schedule your tile or vinyl floor installation in the Livingston, Big Sky, Belgrade or Bozeman, Montana areas.

Are your existing floors decorated with scratches and scuff marks?

Bozeman Flooring can repair them for you. If they've suffered extensive damage, we'll replace them. When we inspect your floors, we'll determine which option would best benefit you and act accordingly.

Call 406-581-0707 ASAP to get a free estimate on your vinyl or tile floor repair or replacement in Bozeman, Montana or the surrounding areas.